Rotating Screening Bucket

The screening bucket comes equipped with an interchangeable mesh system around the drum’s inner circumference and replaceable sections in the conical rear area of the drum. Four models are offered to fit mini diggers from 6 to 36 tonne excavators. Suitable for top-soil, quarried stone, remediation of contaminated soils beaches, demolition waste and green recycling duties. The series is just at a home clearing on a demolition site or in the quarry cleaning and sizing stone.

Main Advantages of JIANGTU Rotating Screening Bucket:

  • The specifications are subject to change without prior notice for the improvement of quality;
  • The shape of JT’s Strong bucket grapple allows for the handling of various materials such as manure, compost, waste, tires and lightweight residential debris;
  • Specially designed big capacity cylinder integrated control lever with operating buttons;
  • Wear and tear-resistant special steel is used;
  • Safe & Save. Very strong steel can endure a hard job, so very safe and save time & money.

Specification – Rotating Screening Bucket

The following are the technical parameters of the Rotating Screening Bucket.

Excavator weight(t)6-1012-1718-2325-36
Rotary screen dia (mm)810100013501500
Rotating speed65656565
Working pressure ( bar)220230250250
Oil flow(L/min)6080110110
Overall weight(kg)630102019202430

This specifications are subject to change without prior notice for the improvement of quality.

Main Advantages of JIANGTU Rotating Screening Bucket

Through 10 years of digging in research and development, JiangTu Company achieved more than 20 patents such as invent/design patent successively and received CE, ISO, and SGS certificates from 2012 to 2021 and now started a new chapter to explore the global market.

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