JT08-Compact Excavator (638KG ≈ 0.64 Ton)

JT08 micro is an ultra-compact micro excavator weighing only 638kg in JIANGTU mini excavator. It can easily pass through narrow openings, such as standard doorways or 750mm gates.

We can offer the OEM/ODM services of excavators attachments. The product can be customized according to your personalized requirements. Please offer your design documents or tell us your ideas and our R&D team will do the rest.

Main Advantages

  • Flexible in narrow spaces;
  • Made of high-strength steel which can be used to dig trenches from the group up.
  • Euro V stage Koop or Changchai engine available.
  • Large volume hydraulic oil tank prolongs the working time

Specification – JT08-Compact Excavator

The following are the technical parameters of the compact excavator JT08.

Rated PowerHP9.2
Bucket Capacity (SAE)0.025
Engine ModelChangchai 192, Euro V stage Koop
Operating WeightKg638
Max. Digging ForceKN7.5
Pump TypeSingle gear pump
Working PressureMPa14
Swing Speedrpm12
Travel SpeedKW/h2.2
Max. Climbing Degree°30
Grounding PressureKpa19
technical parameters

Working Range

Max. Digging Reachmm2450
Max. Digging Depthmm1300
Max. Digging Heightmm2350
Max. Dumping Heightmm1600
Min. Swing Radiusmm1100
Max. Ground Clearance of Dozermm120
Max. Supporting Depth of Dozermm200
Working Range


Total Widthmm720
Total Heightmm1300
Total Lengthmm2430
Min. Ground Clearancemm80
Track Ground Lengthmm1140
Track Widthmm150

Product Images & Video

Main Advantages of JT08-Compact Excavator

JT08 micro excavator is an ultra-compact mini excavator, weighing only 638kg. It can easily pass through narrow openings, such as standard doorways or 750mm gates. JT08 is the narrowest and cheapest micro excavator model.

The JT08 mini micro excavator weighs 638kg, has a width of 720mm, an extensive range of 2450mm, and a digging depth of 1300mm. Its size and weight are both convenient for trailer towing; its size allows it to pass through ordinary doorways and is very suitable for working in restricted passages. It is sometimes called a compact excavator, mini digger, or small excavator.


Through 10 years of digging in research and development, JiangTu Company achieved more than 20 patents such as invent/design patent successively and received CE, ISO, and SGS certificates from 2012 to 2021 and now started a new chapter to explore the global market.

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