Best Demolition Pulverizers

Our Demolition Pulverizers are suitable for all Excavator Models

JIANGTU Demolition Pulverizers are designed for concrete reduction. It is ideal for breaking out concrete from fixed structure,pulverizing concrete,separating different materials for recycling,and cutting reinforced rods and small steel profile.

  • Pulverizing tooth: On the outer end of the jaw for high productivity during the pulverizing job.
  • Trunnion type cylinder: For maximum breakout force throughout jaw-closing motion as opening motion.
  • Reversible rectangular blades For lower maintenance cost.
  • Hardened teeth: High spec. materials for enhanced durability.
  • Speed Valve: Delivering more braking power and efficiency.

Best Demolition Pulverizers Manufacturers in China

As one of the leading Excavator & Attachments Manufacturers in China, JIANGTU has a full range of Demolition Pulverizers for excavators from 1.5-90 tons. They are suitable for all kinds of brands and models of excavators.

Specification – Demolition Pulverizers

The following are the technical parameters of the Demolition Pulverizers.

  • 4 different models: 13-30tons Models are available
  • Trunnion-supported type cylinder: Offers high breaking forces throughout the entire
  • Speed valve with cylinder
  • Customized blades and tooth system: Fully replaceable rectangular blades and bolting tooth
  • Used HB 360-600 grade material on replaceable parts

Carrier weightt13-2016-2520-3025-30
Operating weightkg1100147516001890
Overall lengthmm1656198521702206
Max. jaw openingmm7208508801000
Max. operating pressurebar350350350350
Crushing forcet54607078
Cutter blade lengthmm180180180180
Required oil flowlpm100-180150-250180-250200-300

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