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Our Hydraulic Auger Attachments are suitable for all Excavator Models

JIANGTU Excavator Earth Augers is a Kind of digging machine. Used for tree planting, pole hole, drilling, photovoltaic pile.

It can be mounted on all common hydraulic excavators as well as mini-excavator and other carriers like skid steer loader, backhoe loader, crane, telescopic handler, wheel loader and Loader, and other machinery.

Best Hydraulic Auger Manufacturers in China

As one of the leading Excavator Hydraulic Auger manufacturers in China, JIANGTU has a full range of quick hitch couplers for excavators from 1.5-90 tons. They are suitable for all kinds of brands and models of excavators.

Technical Parameters

Please check the following specifications to choose the right Hydraulic Auger.

Model No.JTminiJT02JT04JT06JT06SJT08JT08S
Excavator Weight (ton)2.5-4.54.5-65-813-1715-1715-2017-30
Measurement (mm)φ200X585φ270X850φ270X850φ300X945φ300X945φ345X1155φ345X1155
Working Pressure(bar)205205205205205205205
Max Pressure(bar)310310310310310310310
Max Torque(nm)37607300824012300152001980024920
Rated Oil Flow(lpm)150150150150150150150
Max Oil Flow(lpm)210225225170210210225
Diameter of Oil PipeG1/2”G1/2”G1/2”G3/4”G3/4”G3/4”G1”

Digging Function

φ150-250 mm3m10m10m10m10m10m10m
φ300-400 mm8m10m10m10m10m10m
φ450-550 mm6m8m10m10m10m10m
φ600-700 mm6m10m10m10m10m
φ750-850 mm10m10m10m10m
φ900-1000 mm 10m10m10m

Main Advantages of Hydraulic Auger

  • Efficient: digging holes move strongly, deep pit probably can be completed in 30 seconds, efficiency is the traditional way of artificial digging holes more than one hundred times;
  • Operation is simple; An operator can complete all kinds of earth auger holes dug drilling work;
  • High work quality: using high strength drill, tensile spiral drill pipe, dug the holes, solid, pit soil-less allowance, the maximum depth can reach 250 cm;
  • Strong adaptability: with two wheels move, this type of equipment has strong off-road performance, hills, mountains, etc all can well adapt to the complex terrain, can in the north, clay layer, containing pebbles gravel soil and weathered rock and soil layer construction work on most of the soil;

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