Cold Planer

JIANGTU Cold Planer for Skid Steer Loader is one of the main equipment for maintenance and construction. It is mainly used for the excavation and renovation of asphalt concrete surfaces such as highways, urban roads, airports, freight yards, etc. It can also be used to remove road congestion, oil waves, nets, and ruts. Such defects can also be used to excavate pavement pots and grooves, as well as roughening cement pavements and milling staggered surfaces.

Main Advantages of JIANGTU Cold Planer:

  1. The side shift distance is about 700, which can be used to remove roadside roads or obstacles next to it.
  2. Shaving behind the drum to prevent dust.
  3. The flip cover makes maintenance more convenient.
  4. Reasonable structure design greatly improves the efficiency of the planing device.
  5. Control and operate the swing, tilt angle and cutting depth in the cab.

Specification – Cold Planer

Total Length (mm)152615261526
Total Width (mm)167416741674
Total Height (mm)852852852
Total Weight (kg)614760964
Planing Width (mm)300400600
Max Planing Depth (mm)110152152
Flow (L/min) 60-150100-180120-200
Working Pressure (MPa)16-2116-2116-21

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Through 10 years of digging in research and development, JiangTu Company achieved more than 20 patents such as invent/design patent successively and received CE, ISO, and SGS certificates from 2012 to 2021 and now started a new chapter to explore the global market.

Frequently Asked Question

Yes, It can be used on the excavator, but it may not be as convenient as it is used on the Skid Steer.

The motor shield can be added, but the large motor is strong and durable., so there is no need.

It is recommended to use more than 80 horsepower.

Yes, there are 3 oil pipes, two of which are thick and one thin.

Planer head, and bearing. Please refer to the price list in details.

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