Vibro Breaker

“Viber” is a new excavator’s attachment, with outstanding effect in mining and breaking areas.
The Viber changed another way to replace the impact power from the piston to breaking. Compares with the breakers, it is avoided harm to the excavator’s pumps and makes minimum damage to the excavator’s arms.
It has the honor to get two patents for invention and several utility model patents, which are protected by China intellectual property law.
Viber is filling up some working areas of the breakers. and makes more output in these working areas.

Main Advantages of JIANGTU Vibro Breaker:

  • Enhance 3-5 times higher output
  • Reduce synthesize fuel consumption
  • Reduce unit output emission load
  • Work underwater and subsurface without refit
  • Minimum damage to excavator’s bumps and arms
  • Enhance comfort level during operating
  • Minimum operating noise
  • Lower maintain
  • Lower vulnerable part cost
  • Enhance parts and full equipment working life

Rating of Merit – Vibro Breaker

Please check the following specifications to choose the right Vibro Breaker model. Tell us the brand and model of your excavator, We are very glad to help you to select the right breaker.

Type JT-20JT-30JT-40JT-50JT-60JT-E5JT-E6
Power(KW) 60687995120140- 180180-200
Motor model(CC) 809010812516090*2108*2
Impact power (KN) 251286300370430450691
Size-Length2300 mm2700 mm2700mm2800 mm3100 mm3400 mm3685 mm
Size-Width950 mm1200 mm1200 mm1250 mm1250 mm1207mm1246 mm
Size-Height1350 mm1500 mm1500 mm1550mm1650 mm1780mm1815 mm
Working flow (L/min) 144-180160- 200190-220225-250288-295324-295410-440
Working pressure (Mpa)2525252525-2625-2625-26
Weight (Kg) 3000360038004300500055006200
Excavator(T) 15-2022-2628-3030-3336-4538-4550-65
impact frequency 25-3525-3525-3525-3525-3525-3525-30

Equipment Describes

JT-20Use for some of the excavates and dismantle works, also can work for arenaceous clay and ice breaking.
JT-30Wider working areas can work for loose rock, some stand stone, city roadbed, and
thicker frozen earth.
JT-40Improved type for JT-30, expanded working scopes and productivity improvement.
JT-50Design for some big earthwork and some stone mine. It has special effects on
shale, fault fracture zone and some decomposed rock. 
At some big earthwork areas,we used to have got a score at 150 cubes per hour (sand
rock), wide working scopes, and could take someplace of blast work. 
JT-E6A biggish type of viber, designed for mining, used to have 3800 cubes (22 hours)per day
output to replace blast work.

Mohs hardness reference table

JT-201-3 hardness level standard mineral:Talc,Gypsum 
JT-30 JT-40 JT-503-4 hardness level standard mineral:Red sand rock,Fluorite
JT-60 JT-E5 JT-E65-6 hardness level standard mineral:Apatite,Syenite

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Main Advantages of JIANGTU Vibro Breaker

There are several specialties of the Viber, such as high efficiency, energy conservation, environmental protection and so on.

Under the feasibility working conditions, the output Can match 3-5 times higher than any other breakers which are fitted on the same class excavators In the same working condition, Viber can save 30% more fuel consumption than breakers.

The working noise is only 50-75 db, it’s completely satisfied with city proper working requires, even working in the evening

With a simple refit, the Viber can work underwater


Through 10 years of digging in research and development, JiangTu Company achieved more than 20 patents such as invent/design patent successively and received CE, ISO, and SGS certificates from 2012 to 2021 and now started a new chapter to explore the global market.

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