24 Double Lock Hydraulic Quick Coupler(Pro)

The biggest advantage of 2024 New design double-safety quick coupler is that it adopt a double lock safety structural design that complies with EU standards. When encountering problems such as cylinder internal leakage and piston rod breakage, the attachments’s rear pin can be locked immediately, ensuring its safety.

Main Advantages

  1. overall size is smaller and lighter than the previous one
  2. structural design is more compact
  3. cover large pins center distance adjustment range
  4. “rear hook”, adopts a double-layer chute design

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Specification – 24 Hydraulic Quick Coupler(Double Locking)

Please check the following specifications to choose the right hydraulic breaker model. Tell us the brand and model of your excavator, We are very glad to help you to select the right quick coupler.

Category/Model UnitJT-00JT-01JT-02AJT-02BJT-04JT-06JT-08JT-10JT-14JT-17
Length L2mm440527550580590750950105011001150
Width Wmm158270145-175145-175160-230220-270300-340550-600602-666610-760
Height H1mm270325310310340460510600620630
L1 Pins center distancemm90-125180-230230-280260-310260-320350-430430-510490-560550-600570-620
Pin diameter Dmm25/3035/40454550/5560/6570/80100100/110100/110
H Vertical pins center distancemm194227200200219308336370380-390380-390
Working pressurebar25-30025-30025-30025-30025-30025-30025-30025-30025-30025-300
Necessary flowLpm15-2515-2515-2515-2515-2515-2515-2515-2515-2515-25
Weight kg3445656578200316620600-720600-720
Excavatorton0.8-22-44-64-66 -910-1618-2526-3030-4040-52

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Main Advantages of Hydraulic Quick Coupler(Double Locking)

  • compact design, smaller, lighter in weight;
  • Double lock safety structural;
  • large pins center distance adjustment range;
  • The “Rear hook” adopts double-layer chute design, overall force on the product is more even;
  • The “front hook” adopts an integrated hook design to avoid cracking;
  • Excellent processing precision, tolerance within 1mm;
  • Use high-strength and wear-resistant steel material to enhance service life.


Through 10 years of digging in research and development, JiangTu Company achieved more than 20 patents such as invent/design patent successively and received CE, ISO, and SGS certificates from 2012 to 2021 and now started a new chapter to explore the global market.