Installation Video

Installation Instructions

1. Check spare parts list and excavator condition

2. Refit hydraulic control to electronic control via hydraulic breaker pipeline

Remove the plate under the cab.

Connect the 3 pipes of pilot foot valve to pilot valve.

Install pilot valve in a suitable position

Install pilot valve circuit

3. Replace the joysticks and install the circuit

Replace the left and right joysticks.

Connect power line.

Connect joysticks circuits.

Connect to control box

4. Install the circuit and oil pipes along the boom and arm

Install circuit along the boom and arm

Connect grapple to breaker pipe lines

Check circuit

Fix the circuit on the iron

Connect grapple to circuit

Quick coupler connecting

5. Test and adjust pipes if necessary

Tighten hydraulic pipes

Unload pilot valve dam-board

Fix pipes

Test the grab

Check Our Hydraulic Grapple

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