Recognized By Foreign Customers

During the epidemic period, some companies were deeply affected by COVID-19, that lost a lot of orders. However, JIANGTU did not have such an issue. Why? Let’s take a look at the actual feedback from the customer. 

Indian customers

Do Indian customers only pursue cheap products?

Not all. They are just as same as the customers from other countries, they also pay so much attention to product quality, service, brand reputation, and other factors.

Of course, the price is one of the factors that all customers care about, including but not limited to Indians. Indian customers may have a strong willingness to negotiate, but this does not mean they only focus on the price field. Business culture and trading methods in every country and region may be different.

Although the price of some of our orange peels grapples may be lower than ours, we have so much confidence in the quality. That’s why so many Indian customers continue to cooperate with us because they care more care about the quality rather than the low price.

The main freight methods from China to India are mainly by air and ocean route, also the express for small packages. India has a relatively mature air transportation line, with fast speed and high effectiveness. India Air transportation service generally will attach delivery service of the tail-end transportation according to the customer’s requirement.

The below picture shows another long-term customer’s trust. He unhesitatingly selects the air freight.

In short, India is a fast-growing economic entity. We should respect their business culture and trading habits to establish good cooperative relations. 

Malaysia customers

Malaysia is a significant trade partner of China. And also it is one of the signatories of RCEP. Generally speaking, many international traders have great importance to the Malaysian market. The below picture is our orange peel grapple products, which were ordered by one of our Malaysian customers two years ago.

The picture and video sent by the customer show the actual working situation and express his feedback: The JIANGTU products are the best one he had purchased before. 

The products were quoted before the spring festival and he had sent orders after the spring festival. The order is following the same JIANGTU products he had used for over two years. Customer recognition is our motivation.

Australia customers

Below is the actual feedback about the tilting quick hitch coupler from one of our Australia customers.

Russian customer

This Russian customer recognizes JIANGTU products and repeatedly purchasing. Let me show you the wonderful installation display of the welding mechanical quick hitch coupler in the customer’s warehouse. The customer is a big fan of JIANGTU and he is super enjoys and is satisfied with our products.

JIANGTU heavy industry can also meet the test requirements of different customers for special working conditions. And promise to help customers achieve the effect of satisfaction.

Jiangtu Procurement adheres to the concept of “global procurement, global service” and insists on serving the world with the best products.

The video feedback of European type mechanical quick hitch coupler

We desire every customer’s feedback since we believe the reputation is the foundation for the long-term development of the enterprise. There is the only way to make JIANGTU become better and better is by doing the best for the quality and service.

Feeling grateful from our heart and practicing the service from our actions. Clinching deal is the starting point but customer service is not the end point. Being trusted is a kind of happiness and being recognized is a kind of responsibility. JIANGTU heavy industry is willing to accompany you all the way and live up to your every trust.