What is JT Hydraulic Plate Compactor?

The Hydraulic Plate Compactor is an excavator attachment widely used in various foundation projects such as construction projects, road projects, and bridge projects. It is especially effective in foundation treatment of soft soil or fill sites. It can improve soil properties quickly and efficiently, increase the bearing capacity of the foundation, and shorten the project cycle.

Jiangtu Hydraulic Plate Compactor has four advantages

1. Core Accessories & Strike efficiency

The motor and bearing we use are originally imported, with a speed of up to 6000 RPM, while others in the market are roughly 2000-3000 RPM. High-quality accessories bring high work efficiency, the striking frequency of Jiangtu Hydraulic Plate Compactor can reach up to 1000 per minute, the striking speed is fast and the strength is strong so that its similar products can not be matched.

2. Wear-resistant plate

One of the important components of the Hydraulic Plate Compactor, Jiangtu uses imported wear-resistant plates. The material and thickness are above average and will not deform after long-term use. Poor quality wear-resistant plates will have “symptoms” of different thicknesses after a short period of use, but Jiangtu’s Hydraulic Plate Compactor will not have such “symptoms”.

3. Rotation function

The Jiangtu Hydraulic Plate Compactor can rotate 90°to help you hit no dead corners, such as corners, walls and other ordinary difficult-to-hit places, we have a rotation function that can let you easily cope with various working conditions.

4. Valve core

Jiangtu Hydraulic Plate Compactor is equipped with a throttle valve and a safety valve, the function of the throttle valve is to control this valve to limit the output frequency. The safety valve is used to protect the product during use. These two valve configurations are exclusive to Jiangtu.

Specification – Hydraulic Plate Compactor

The following are the technical parameters of the Hydraulic Plate Compactor.

Impulse forceton346.51115
Vibration frequencyrpm/min20002000200022002200
Oil flowl/min30-6045-8585-105120-170120-170
Operating pressurekg/cm²100-130100-130100-150150-200150-200
Bottom measurementmm800*442900*5501160*7001300*9001500*1000
Excavator weightton 2-4 4-10 12-16 18-24 30-40
Mortor ModelBrand     PERMCO1221081B391221081B3912150711381215071048M7600-F100NK7676G2
Mortor Displacementml/rev25.3925.3963.284.3100

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