What is a quick hitch coupler, and how does it work?

A quick hitch coupler, also known as a quick attach coupler, is an accessory that allows you to quickly and easily swap between different fittings of an excavator and other large machinery.

Quick attach couplers are typically connected to hydraulic cylinders powered by the machine’s power take-off (PTO) shaft. The benefit of a Quick Attach Coupling is speed and ease. It allows you to quickly change between fitting types without having to go through each step of removing, adjusting, aligning, re-tightening, and refilling repeatedly. For most excavators, this process can be up to 45 minutes long. However, a Quick Hitch coupler allows you to do all that in as little as 10 seconds!

How to choose a quick hitch coupler?

A good quick hitch coupler should be durable and able to withstand the weight and pressure of your machine. When choosing a quick hitch coupler, you should also consider how often you will use it. If you use this accessory frequently, choose a heavy-duty unit, but a lighter-duty model may suffice for occasional users.

When choosing a quick hitch coupler, you should first determine your machine’s horsepower and maximum operating pressure. The size of the coupler varies depending on these factors, so you must match up your equipment’s specifications with those provided by the manufacturer.

FAQ about quick hitch coupler

The best quick hitch coupler is the one that is compatible with your excavator’s PTO shaft. They are generally made to fit standard hydraulic cylinder widths of 10″-12″ but can also be modified for larger or smaller ones.

Common parameters

Oil pressurebar25-30025-30025-30025-30025-30025-30025-300
Operating flowlpm15-2515-2515-2515-2515-2515-2515-25
Excavator weightton1.5-34-66-912-1617-2329-3630-40
Pin diametermm20-4040-4545-6060-7070-8090-100100-110

After installing a quick hitch coupler, you should ensure that all nuts and bolts are in place and secure. Also, if the machine is equipped with a filter system, be sure to keep it in working order.

A quick hitch coupler saves time and is safer than the traditional method of re-tightening each attachment after using it.

The quick hitch coupler is a great safety feature that prevents accidents. It not only ensures the attachments don’t fall off but also helps prevent them from coming loose in the first place!

Excavator bucket quick coupler can quickly connect various attachments (bucket, hydraulic breaker, plate compactor, log grapple, ripper, etc…) on excavators, which can expand the scope of use of excavators and can save time and improve working efficiency.

People often think that quick hitch couplers are only necessary if they are switching between attachment types frequently, but that’s not necessarily the case. You can also benefit from a quick hitch coupler by quickly changing between two digging attachments of the same type.

Typically, quick hitch couplers can handle loads weighing 10-70 tons. Some heavy-duty couplers can lift as much as 90 tons. Note that the stronger the coupler, the heavier it’s going to be, so make sure your machine can handle the coupler’s weight.

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