What is a Hydraulic Grapple?

hydraulic wood log grapple

Hydraulic grapple is an excavator attachment that looks like the gaping mouth of a large animal. This excavator attachment allows the operator to pick up heavy material like rocks, logs, and stumps. It is a dynamic piece of equipment capable of lifting up to 23 tons, making it ideal for moving stuff around the site.
A hydraulic grapple is basically a series of hydraulically driven steel fingers mounted on top of an arm. The fingers open and close with a powerful hydraulic cylinder, creating a solid grip on an object. This allows operators to pick up large items without much effort or complex movements.

How to choose a hydraulic grapple?

Different models have different features, and choosing the best one can be a daunting task. Choose your grapple depending on how you plan to use it.

If you are planning to lift large-sized rocks, logs, or other objects, make sure that the grapple has sharp teeth so that it can grab the material without getting stuck. If you plan to lift something with a round shape, make sure the grapple has serrated teeth all around its circumference.

Rotating Grapple

JIANGTU’s Rotating Grapple is ideal for loading scrap, garbage, demolition debris, and waste paper

Hydraulic Demolition Grapple

Jiangtu hydraulic demolition grapple is a kind of excavator attachment that is used for demolishing, material handling, and sorting of all kinds of materials such as rocks, scrap, and other debris.

Wood/Log Grapple

Jiangtu Log Grapple is a kind of excavator attachment that is mainly used for wood

Stone/Rock Grapple

Using NM500 steel and all pins are heat-treated making our grapple with very long service life and high carrying capacity.

Make sure you choose a grapple depending on your requirement. A smaller width will allow it to fit into tighter spaces, while a wider grip will enable it to carry heavier loads and more material.

FAQs about Hydraulic Grapple

You can use a hydraulic grapple in a variety of excavator operations. Some uses include loading objects onto a truck bed, removing debris from under or around structures, and digging up the earth.

You can use a hydraulic grapple in a variety of excavator operations. Some uses include loading objects onto a truck bed, removing debris from under or around structures, and digging up the earth.

The main drawback of the hydraulic grapple is its cost, which can be hefty depending on the excavator model. Also, you need to watch for hydraulic system oil leaks and monitor the hydraulic cylinder that actuates the grapple fingers.

(A) Open widthmm1260158019752275
(B) Close widthmm970121015101740
(C) Hightmm890111013901600
(D) Hightmm1060132516601910
Cylinder thrustton46.510.513
Oil pressureMpa18-2121-2521-2521-25
Excavator weightton5-910-1617-2324-30
From Orange Peel Grapple

A hydraulic grapple is attached to the excavator’s arm with an adaptor. The adaptor has a connector that extends from the hydraulic cylinder and links to the bucket or other attachment.

How To Install Hydraulic Grapple On The Excavator?

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Installation Instructions 1. Check spare parts list and excavator condition 2. Refit hydraulic control to electronic control via hydraulic breaker pipeline Remove the plate under the cab. Connect the 3…

Typical hydraulics grapple applications include loading logs into a log deck or chipper, picking up debris from under or around structures, leveling surfaces before backfilling, leveling gravel drives, and filling trenches.

Just like any other hydraulically controlled attachment, you should regularly maintain a hydraulic grapple. Make sure the oil reservoir contains clean oil and check for leaks in the hydraulic system.

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