If you are a project contractor or a farmer who has excavators, it is common for you to do earthmoving jobs with excavator buckets or break rocks with an excavator hydraulic breaker.

If you want to move wood, stone, scrap steel or other materials, it is very important to choose a good grapple.

There are many kinds of grapple from different brands, and the applications are different. Then how to choose a suitable grapple?

Grapple Shapes

Although they have similar applications, there are many differences in appearance. Customers around the world have different preferences for grapple shapes.

For example, European customers prefer demolition grapple; Australians like Australian grapple; Customers from Southeast Asian love Japanese-style grapple; and people from other regions such as North America think wood/stone is more popular.

Grapple materials

Even though you can grab all things with any kind of grapple, it is recommended that you should choose the grapple according to the different materials.

For example, wood grapple for grabbing wood; stone grapple for stone; steel grapple, orange peel grapple and demolition grapples are designed for waste and scrap metal according to different sizes of the materials.

The difference between wood grapple and stone grapple is about the teeth on the claws

rotating and non-rotating

We have two types of grapple, rotating and non-rotating. A rotating grapple can rotate 360 degrees and it is easier to load the goods at different angles. The difference between these two types is whether there is a rotating head.

Since there are different shapes of quick hitches over the world, you should pay attention to the quick hitches and make sure the grapple can match the hitches well.

Grapple Model & Sizes

Finally, you should choose the right model of the grapple according to the excavator weight and connection part dimensions.

You should measure the dimensions of the original bucket connection part. Customized grapple means we can make the grapple according to different dimensions. If you measure the dimensions in the wrong way, the grapple may not be installed without modification. So please take it seriously when doing the measurement.

If you purchase a grapple of poor quality, the grapple may rust, leak oil, snap, etc… Then you can not use it. So you should choose good quality products. If you do not know how to choose a grapple, please contact with our professional sales team.

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