Earth auger is a kind of digging machine. It is used for tree planting, pole holes, drilling and so on. It can be mounted on all common hydraulic excavators, skid steer loader, backhoe loader, crane and other machines. JIANGTU Earth Auger, composed of three parts, auger drive, auger drill and the bracket.

  • Efficient: digging holes move strongly, deep pit probably can be completed in 30 seconds, efficiency is the traditional way of artificial digging holes more than one hundred times;
  • Operation is simple; An operator can complete all kinds of earth auger holes dug drilling work;
  • High work quality: using high strength drill, tensile spiral drill pipe, dug the holes, solid, pit soil-less allowance, the maximum depth can reach 250 cm;
  • Strong adaptability: with two wheels move, this type of equipment has strong off-road performance, hills, mountains, etc all can well adapt to the complex terrain, can in the north, clay layer, containing pebbles gravel soil and weathered rock and soil layer construction work on most of the soil;

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Before choosing

Before choosing a proper model auger drill for your machine, you need to provide the following four factors:

  • Model of your excavator/skid steer/backhoe/tractor/crane. The model of the auger drive is mainly confirmed according to the model of the machine that will use the earth auger.
  • Diameter of the hole to be drilled. We will choose the corresponding diameter of the auger drill.
  • Depth of hole to be drilled. We will choose the corresponding length of the auger drill.
  • Your working ground condition. Different ground types, the drill teeth are different. The earth is hard or soft, or middle hard? Is there a small rock or stone on the earth or not?

For the drills, they are suitable for excavators, skid steer loaders, backhoes and truck cranes. JIANGTU augers can drill widths of 100mm on smaller machines and up to 2.4m on larger machines and can drill to depths of 12m (with extensions and using the correct earth drill).

Digging Function

φ150-250 mm3m10m10m10m10m10m10m
φ300-400 mm8m10m10m10m10m10m
φ450-550 mm6m8m10m10m10m10m
φ600-700 mm6m10m10m10m10m
φ750-850 mm10m10m10m10m
φ900-1000 mm 10m10m10m
Digging Function

Our in-house manufacturing capabilities mean we can design and fabricate to your specification, to suit your machine and job. So, whether it’s post holes, holes for fencing, signposts, post frame buildings, foundation footings, light and utility poles, our augers will make light work of it and ensure that every job you tackle is a resounding success.

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There are three types of hitch for your options. Tell us the model of your excavator or other machine and we will check the dimensions for you. Or, as long as you can provide correct dimensions of the connection part, for example, the pin diameter, width between the ears and the distance of the two-pin centers of your excavator, we will make the hitch accordingly and we are sure the earth auger will fit your excavator well.

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