The productivity rate of a hydraulic breaker means the amount of stone or rock broken by the breaker per unit time, the unit is  m³/hr. The specific calculation formula is:

Refers to the productivity rate of hydraulic breakers, the customers would purchase the suitable hydraulic breaker easily, also it is an important reference for customers to make engineering revenue budgets.

The actual productivity rate of the hydraulic breaker will be affected by broken material, installation, carrier conditions, site conditions & organization,  transportation and operators skills.

JIANGTU hydraulic breaker unified external influencing factors, choosing three materials of Non-Reinforced Concrete(t:30cm), Reinforced Concrete(t:30cm), Hard rock. We got the productivity rate of all kinds of hydraulic breakers through 8 hours of the uninterrupted work test for your reference.

Hydraulic breaker excavator productivity rate

ProductivityNon-Reinforced Concrete(t:30cm)Reinforced Concrete(t:30cm)Hard rock

The listed Hydraulic breaker productivity rate is based on 8-hour shifts. The above figures are for general estimation purposes only. The actual work results may depend on the quality and structure of the broken material, the material reduction size reduction, installation, carrier conditions, job site conditions, transportation, operator skills, etc.

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To select  the right hydraulic breaker

If the selected breaker is right, it can effectively break concrete or rock. If the size is wrong or the Incorrect operation, the hydraulic breakers can fail unexpectedly and waste valuable time on the job site, or even shorten their life.

JIANGTU has over 20 different hydraulic breakers to help you do any job correctly. To learn more information about choosing the right hydraulic breaker and how to master operating techniques correctly, please feel free to contact us.

JIANGTU Excavator Break adopts special carbon steel material and heat treatment processes to ensure that the wear of the piston hitting surface is minimized and the service life of the piston is maximized.

Piston production adopts precise tolerance control to ensure that the piston and cylinder can be replaced with a single product, reducing maintenance costs.

The shell of the breaker has put forward higher and higher requirements for its sealing system. The NOK brand oil seals ensure our hydraulic breaker has low (zero) leakage, low friction and wear, and long service life.

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