Welcome to Jiangtu’s workshop, where we will show you how Jiangtu operates. and see how Jiangtu products, which are widely praised and recognized by customers at domestic and abroad, are produced and delivered to customers

In the morning, the workshop held a morning meeting. After the morning meeting, the production process officially started. In the factory workshop, the roar of machines, the sound of equipment running, the sound of metal knocking, the sounds of busy workers, and the forklifts shuttling back and forth are intertwined, creating a tense atmosphere throughout the workshop.

The workers divided labor and cooperated, completed their respective tasks in an orderly manner, and carried out the production process in an orderly manner. Everyone is at their own post, bathed in sweat, and working with concentration. They operate the equipment flexibly to process every part of the product.

The Jiangtu workshop is not only full of sweat, but also full of the workers’ fighting spirit. We understand that product quality and workmanship are the most important, so we always maintain a high degree of concentration and rigorous attitude.

To ensure timely delivery of orders, some workers worked hard late into the night regardless of fatigue, and some even gave up their vacation time. Everyone worked together to rush to produce the product with full enthusiasm and tenacious perseverance, and completed it in a short time.

A large number of production tasks reflect a high level of attention and commitment to customer needs. In this workshop, everyone is not only a colleague but also a team, because everyone knows that only the strength of the team can create excellent products.

Ordinary people also have extraordinary qualities. Excellent products come from every ordinary workers’ hand. Every welding, repetition, and spray painting leave a mark on the product, creating a product with appearance and quality. Hats off to them!