Excavator Tree Shear: A Vital Attachment for Efficient Forestry Operations

In the ever-evolving landscape of modern forestry, the excavator tree shear has emerged as a transformative attachment. This article delves into the intricacies of this innovation, highlighting its dual functionality and its profound impact on forestry practices.

I. What is an Excavator Tree Shear?

Definition and Purpose

The JIANGTU Tree Shear stands as an embodiment of cutting-edge engineering, meticulously crafted to enhance the capabilities of excavators. Its dual nature, encompassing both grabbing and cutting functions, positions it as an indispensable tool in forestry operations. While its primary role involves efficient tree cutting, its applications extend to pruning, sorting, and loading tasks related to various types of trees and bushes.

Popularity and Demand

The excavator tree shear has garnered immense popularity among excavator operators and forestry contractors, and for good reason. The marriage of speed, simplicity, and efficiency makes it an enticing choice for tasks that involve tree cutting and forest clearing. Its ability to streamline such operations has led to its widespread adoption and integration into modern forestry practices.

II. How Does an Excavator Tree Shear Work?

Components and Features

The foundation of the excavator tree shear’s prowess lies in its intricate design. Boasting blades with wide and narrow grips, complemented by anti-drop guards, it ensures secure and efficient cutting operations. The incorporation of replaceable blades, held in place by bolts, simplifies maintenance, enhancing the attachment’s longevity and sustained performance.

  • One attachment with multiple functions, grabbing and cutting; Equipped with blades, wide and narrow grips that cooperate with each other, and anti-drop guards, it can cut and move miscellaneous wood to designated places.
  • High cutting force and fast cutting speed; The special circular blade shape can reduce cutting resistance; the rotating tree shear is equipped with German brand M+S motor, which has stronger power, low failure rate and stable performance.
  • Replaceable blades are used for easy maintenance; The replaceable blade fixed by bolts is easy to replace. The arc design of the blade can realize the cutting of miscellaneous wood with large differences in diameter, which greatly improves the cutting efficiency and the tree shear is suitable for cutting miscellaneous wood of various diameters.
  • Finish machining and high-strength wear-resistant plates make the shear durable. The material of the body is made of a wear-resistant plate. The blades are made of imported materials from Germany, which are sharp, highly wear-resistant, and durable.
  • Make cutting easier and more efficient; The large bore and powerful oil cylinder can realize the maximum shearing efficiency.
  • 360° rotation function is optional. Customers can choose to customize and add a 360° slewing support rotation system according to their needs, so as to achieve 360° shear cutting and grabbing at different angles.
  • After-sales Guarantee. With the after-sales policy of “One Year Warranty and Six Months Replacement”, please rest assured to buy.

Cutting Mechanism

Delving deeper into the cutting mechanism, the excavator tree shear’s proficiency is achieved through a harmonious fusion of high cutting force and rapid cutting speed. This dynamic interplay is bolstered by the integration of powerful hydraulic oil cylinders, enabling precise and effective cutting actions. The ingenious circular blade shape is the lynchpin in minimizing cutting resistance, allowing for seamless and accurate cuts.

III. Advanced Features and Benefits

Material and Durability

An attachment designed for rigorous forestry tasks must be built to last. The excavator tree shear meets this demand through its construction from wear-resistant plates. This robust foundation is further fortified by the incorporation of German blades known for their sharpness and durability. The inclusion of finish machining ensures not only structural integrity but also the ability to endure the demanding conditions of forestry operations.

Customization Options

Distinguishing itself as an adaptive tool, the excavator tree shear offers a noteworthy feature: the optional 360° rotation function. This customizable attribute empowers operators with the flexibility to achieve shear cutting and grabbing from a spectrum of angles. This tailoring option enables the attachment to seamlessly integrate into diverse forestry scenarios, adding a layer of versatility to its already impressive capabilities.

Specification – Hydraulic Tree Shear

Tree Shear for Excavators
ModelExcavator (tones)Body width(mm)Max Opening(mm)Blade Thickness (mm)Max Cut Diameter (mm)Weight (kg)
JTMINI2-4665535HB500 18mm200200
JT02/046-10825585HB500 20mm300365
JT0612-161080825HB500 20mm350880

IV. Applications in Forestry Operations

Forest Clearing and Harvesting

The excavator tree shear shines particularly bright in the realm of forest clearing and harvesting. Its efficacy in efficiently removing trees has made it an essential instrument in maintaining optimal forest health. Additionally, its role extends to forest thinning, a practice that enhances the overall vitality and productivity of the woodland.

Land Management

Beyond the confines of dense forests, the excavator tree shear finds value in land management. By effortlessly clearing overgrown pastures and fields, it contributes to optimizing land usability and enhancing visual aesthetics, thereby elevating the appeal and functionality of the landscape.


In conclusion, the excavator tree shear has emerged as a transformative force in modern forestry practices. Its multifaceted functionality, combined with its efficiency and durability, has revolutionized tree cutting and forest management. As technology advances, the attachment’s adaptability through features like customizable rotation ensures its continued relevance. With a commitment to sustainability and robust after-sales support, the excavator tree shear stands as a cornerstone investment, enabling efficient and responsible land management practices in an ever-changing world.

Excavator Tree Shear

JIANGTU Tree Shear is a commonly used attachment on excavators. It has dual functions of grabbing and cutting. It can cut down, trim, sort and load trees and bushes from branches to stumps. Because it is fast,simple and efficient in pruning,cutting down trees,forest clearing and other applications,it is popular with excavator drivers and forestry contractors.

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